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Maid Agency Dubai About How To Clean Refrigerators Like A Pro 

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Here are the best tips and homemade cleaners by top maid agency Dubai to keep your refrigerator clean and odor-free.

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Refrigerators, the skivvy workers of our kitchen that we aren’t cleaning often like other surfaces. If they are not regularly cleaned, Milk spills, food residues, greasy stains, and their funky smells welcome you whenever you open the refrigerator door.

Firstly, cleaning your refrigerator at least once a week eliminates the chances of mold buildup. Secondly, it will help to preserve your food items fresh. And thirdly, cleaning reduces foul smell inside the refrigerator. Moreover, it enhances the performance of the refrigerator.

There are multiple ingredients including natural ingredients from your kitchen you can use to deep-clean your refrigerator. Baking soda, lemon, dishwashing liquid, cleaning sponge, etc. can make the task easier for you.

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips By Leading Maids in dubai ollow these tips from leading maid agency Dubai to clean the best way and save plenty of cleaning time.

Tip No. 1
Before you start cleaning your refrigerator maid agency Dubai recommends emptying your fridge. An empty space will make it easy to clean.

Tip No. 2
Throw out unwanted and aged food items to prevent molds and foul odor inside the refrigerator. They may contain a few items we’ve completely forgotten about.

Tip No. 3
Toothpaste is not only meant to clean the teeth, but they are also powerful in removing tough stains from surfaces. They act as a gentle abrasive and clean tough stains inside the refrigerator.

Tip No. 4
Remove the drawers and other removable surfaces from the refrigerator and wash them separately using dish soap.

Tip No. 5
Before you keep the drawers and shelves back, make sure you dry it completely. Use a clean cloth to wipe off excess water from the shelves and drawers before placing them back in the refrigerator.

Tip No. 6
Never forget to clean the exterior surfaces of your refrigerator. Wipe down the front, back, top, and sides of the refrigerator.

Tip No. 7
Never forget to isolate the refrigerator while cleaning. Most importantly, unplug your refrigerator from its power source to prevent electric shock and other damage.

Tip No. 8
Be extremely careful when cleaning the coils of your refrigerator. When you clean the coil, make sure you do not apply any cleaning solution on them. Simply use a coil brush to remove specks of dirt from the coil.